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Yesterday the Hawera aeroclub had a Tecnam P2008 down from Auckland for a demonstration. I have done most of my flying in a Tecnam P92 Echo so was very interested in the newer model. Had a good look over it when it arrived on a sunny but gusty Friday. It had a glass cockpit so being a gadget loving person this really appealed to me.

Tecnam P2008

Not the one I flew but same as!

After a good talk about the plane it was time for a demonstration flight. The P2008 has a bigger cockpit than the P92 but you still needed the same entry/exit strategy to climb in and out of it. Giovanni gave me a quick run down on the instruments and we soon had the P2008 running and taxing to holding point for runway 14. One joining for final but said we had plenty of time so lined up and was soon powering into the air. Did a very wide circuit of the aerodrome and went to line up on final but had over shot so had to come back. It was a long final so plenty of time. Came in at 70 knots and reduced to 60 with the final bit of flaps and with a slight bump landed center of RW14 and taxi to the club house.

Now the wind was very gusty  and heaps of turbulence but the Tecnam P2008 handled it well. The landing wasn’t the best I have ever done but considering it was the first one I have done in 4 years I think it was rather good.

The plane itself is a major step up on the P92 Echo with bigger cockpit, more room, much more robust all round and the wing handled the turbulence well. Hopefully the aeroclub will get one and I will take up flying again.

Many thanks to the aeroclub for the chance to have a test flight and more importantly for Tecnam NZ for bringing it down. Much appreciated.

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