New Tires – Makes all the difference

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Just over 30,000kms now and while I still have not done the service (that’s next week) I rode to New Plymouth today and got another set of Metzeler Z8’s put on the bike. New Tires always make the bike feel like brand new again and the old set while it still had quite a bit of rubber left on it was not very good for riding. The front was very cupped and had a small flat area in the middle and the sides dropped off sharply. So when it was tipped into the corner it more or less fell in and had to be held so it would not go too far. You may be able to see it in the photo but you can certainly feel it.

Seem to be getting a consistent 10,000km out of the tires. There is probably about 3-4,000km of rubber left on them but not worth the effort keeping them.

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