Finally another ride

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It has been quite a while but finally another ride has made it’s appearance. My days off have all been crappy weather or I had something else to do but finally everything came togeather and I could get away with reasonable weather. My plan was to do a round the block ride basically from home to Wanganui, then Taumaranui, then back to SH3, New Plymouth, then home again.

Trip Monday 14th Dec 2015

Quick trip around the block.

Weather was not bad but got down to 8 degrees around National Park and up to 18 degrees by Taumaranui. Did not really stop anywhere except Wanganui to fill up with fuel. Left home at 7am with Christmas songs blazing from the radio but once past Wanganui lost the radio stations so switched over to the USB stick. The Para Para’s still in a sad state with heaps of road works and wash outs. Still a good drive though as was the Awakino gorge which I managed to hit with hardly any traffic.

Few sprinkles of rain every now and then but nothing really. The wind though was strong as and it is about time it went away. nearly every day same thing.


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