New Bike in the Garage – Cross 5 Electric Bike

Electric Bike to keep the BMW company

Today I drove up to Thames to pick up my new bike. This one is a Volto Cross 5 Electric Bike. I went up a week okay to try it out and found it very nice so I purchased one. The reason being I like riding a bike but hate those head winds that slow you to a crawl, usually on the way home. Cost was reasonable and not much more than the Giant Talon 1 MTB I already ride.

Went for a ride along the rail trail from Thames. The ground is reasonably flat but there was a strong wind but the bike took it in its stride. It says you should get 30km to 80km out of one battery charge depending on how much work you do and how much the bike does. I did a total of 30kms in about 100 minutes and the charge indicator had just gone off the first mark so it is looking good.

I picked this little beauty up from Jolly Bikes in Thames. If you wish to check up on the details of the  Cross 5 Electric Bike from Volto then just click on the link.


1 thought on “New Bike in the Garage – Cross 5 Electric Bike

  1. Belinda

    Wow John, you will have so many things to ride you won’t know which one to go on. Just kidding!! That’s what I need instead of taking the car everywhere. ?


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