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Spot Gen 3 can make the difference

I have been looking at getting some form of tracking device for some time and tried it with SpotaWalla and my iPhone but dodgy reception didn’t really make that any good. The next option was Spot Gen 3 and after much thinking I ordered one the other day. It arrived in a day and a half at a cost of $299 so not a bad price for the hardware for what it can do. I do various things in which it can be handy. Motorbike riding, Quad bike out in the backwoods, Jetskiing up long rivers.

Anyway once I had it in my hot hand it was time to activate it. You need a yearly subscription and this can be done monthly (1 year needs to be done though) or yearly. The terms are both 1 year but the first allows you to pay by month at a higher rate. The yearly fee is US$164 and includes SOS, tracking at 10 minute intervals, OK, Custom message, Help.

Once I had it activated I set it up via the web site and went to try it out. Turned it on and went outside and pressed the Check In button. I soon had an email saying I was using the default message and to change it. Should have got a txt as well but didn’t. Now know that it takes a few minutes to update after you set it up. Tried it again a short while later and almost instantly got a txt message and an email. The email had a link to click to show the location. As you can see below the accuracy was pretty amazing and it pinpointed exactly where I pressed the button both times.

Will soon be doing a trip on the bike and will be trying out the tracking then. I also linked my Spot device to SpotWalla as the main spot site only holds data for about a month. More on that later.

A link to what Spot Gen 3 can do is here

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