Port Waikato Guided Tour

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Port Waikato Guided Tour

On the 5th May 2018 a guided tour was done at Port Waikato. This involved quads and side by sides. 4-Wheel drive was required in a few places especially the beach where at least 4 side by sides got stuck in the sand.
The day started for me at 2:15am leaving home with everything packed and the quad on the trailer. Stopped in New Plymouth to fill up on diesel at $1.26 a litre. This compares with the highest price I saw of $1.39 at Te Awamutu and several other towns up that way. GPS told me to take a detour around Hamilton but it was on a road not yet built so that ended up costing time. Stopped in Huntly for breakfast of McDonalds and then in Pokeno for a paper before arriving at the farm at 7:50am.
Kick-off was at 9am so bit of time to get ready and have a chat.
We started the day going over the farm and the ground was quite dry so no real need for the 4-wheel drive except for a few spots. There was 60 people on 40 vehicles so it did take time to get through the places as gates had to be opened and then closed.
I turned on the GoPro Hero 6 at one point and did not think it would be any good because the ground was so rough and the camera shaking but I was amazed at what came out. See below.
This was a tour so it was not at great pace. We were back at the start point at 12:30pm for lunch and then off again at 1pm for the second part which was down on the beach. We were going to two different beaches and at the first one the sand was very loose and at least 4 side by sides got stuck bad. It took about an hour to get them un-stuck.
The second beach was more firmly packed and no trouble for anyone.
I have put up the video on you tube below. I took about 50 minutes all up but it was basically all the same thing.

It was a great day and we finished about 4pm and then it was a 5 hour drive home stopping in Hamilton for fuel and Te Awamutu for a bite to eat at Burger King.

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