TT2000 2019 – Planning Time

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The TT2000 web site went live this month so that means count down to the trip has begun. I got an email from Wayne a couple of weeks before hand asking if I would like to automate the check sheet again. I said yes of course and Wayne emailed me the list of checkpoints so I had an early preview of their locations. 

This year the TT2000 has compulsory check points and a quick look at them suggested a route around the South Island. Needed 100,000 points and the compulsory points only added up to 80,000 so need some of the Flyer points or the Adventure Flyer points. Or at least two of the four mystery check points.

Once the wen site came live I downloaded the locations of the check points and began planning. By the end of the week I had my basic route laid out heading south and then west ending the first day in Wanaka for a rest. Second day had me going through the passes and going up and west to Greymouth. From there it was north and east to nearly Picton and finally down south again to end up in Kaikoura for a rest on Saturday night completing 1206kms for the day.

The final run will be a short one to Christchurch and the finish. Finishing with 3,000 extra points and 80km over the 2,000km needed. Bit short on the distance for comfort really.

So began the search for accommodation and of course the four mystery check points. I had of course already booked the Bluebridge ferry Friday night for a sleeper cabin for a sleep on the way over. Found some reasonably cheap stays and booked them as well. Just the return ferry to book now.

The four mystery check points remain elusive although I am sure I have seen two of them. Not many clues on the photos. I have now got some hints as to their locations so will see how that goes. Don’t need them for the points but it would be nice to find them.

Now just have to sit back and wait for February 2019 and we will be off!

Oh wait, there is still the NI800 and 1KC rides in the coming months. Not doing the NI1600 this year due to work so have taken the shorter option.

TT2000 2019 Route for myself

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