Hit my first Tree!

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Yep crashed into my first tree on the way to Tauranga. I needed to get new tires (you could see the wires just starting to show on the rear), new tire pressure sensors (batteries nearly gone), and a service.

Left home at 3:30am with nearly gale force winds and a light rain. Put the rain suit on to keep the heavier rain away. Topped off the bike in Stratford and this was the first time that the bike has ever been really pushed around in the wind. It was extremely strong. The wet roads I thought would help the tire wear as I wasn’t sure I had enough left to get to Tauranga.

Anyway all good until Mokau when had to stop. Doctor gave me a water tablet and it was doing it’s job so had to strip the rain suit off. Couple trucks went by while this was happening and I caught back up to one in the Awakino gorge towards the end. Was weary of rocks on the road and sure enough just before the tunnel the truck in front had run over some and flicked them in my way. Front wheel clipped one and and rear the other but still all good.

Passed the truck and was cruising at just on 100kph and then just before Pio Pio came round a corner at about 90kph and took a second to sink in but the road was gone. In its place was a big tree across the road. I slammed on the brakes and the front wheel locked up (so much for ABS) so had to let it go or risk going down. I could see I was not going to stop in time so just straightened everything up and relaxed ready for hurt to set in.

Hit it doing about 30-40kph and there was a lot of crunching and banging and a bit of bumping and I was through in one piece. Had expected at very least a flat tire but nope only thing was a leaf on the left crash bar.

Got to Tauranga about 8:30am and left to do some shopping and watch a movie.

The tire pressure sensor needed replacing at $204 each just because the button battery had done its time. It is a standard battery so not sure why they can’t make them to just change out the battery. Got two as the front was probably not far behind it.

TPMS Sensor

All done and wallet lightened I came home via Rotorua and Wanganui. Hopefully that is the last tree I will crash into as well but glad I made it through and the bike with no damage.

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