TT2000 – 2018 It begins here

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TT2000 2018 – The Planning begins (August 2017)

Got the email on the 21st August saying the TT2000 site was live for the 2018 edition of the Twisting Throttle 2000km ride. I immediately went onto the site and downloaded the checkpoints in the Basecamp format and grabbed the checkpoint pdf’s.

This year’s TT2000 is a bit different. It is the 10th anniversary of the ride and the organisers have based it on Mike Hyde’s book so the check points are spread over the North and South Islands. There are two start/finish points, one in the North and one in the South.

I chose to stay in the North Island as I have been hit with a few expenses on my Jetski lately and funds are a bit low. Required are 2,000km distance and 50,000 points over the 48 hours.

This year seems a bit easy on the points front as there are some big ones around. I looked at an easy route this year staying mainly on the main roads. My first stop for the night after starting at Ashurst would be Gisborne. From there a trip up and over the Kai Mai ranges (wanting to miss the slow SH2) and then up to the top of the island grabbing a three-big check points up there and coming back down to Hamilton for the night. Nine checkpoints down and already have more than enough points but will grab two more on the way from Hamilton to Ashurst for the finish and should have 60,000 points and 2,278kms.

My planned route is below and now just have to sit back and wait. While waiting will be completing the NI1600 and the 1KC rides. Also, hopefully there will be another Northern Odyssey to complete as well.

TT2000 2018 Route

My Route for the Twisting Throttle 2018

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