Out with the Old…. & TT2000

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For the TT2000 2021 edition I planned on having a new bike. I ordered my BMW K1600GT in November 2020 with all the options and sat back to wait for it to arrive late January, early February. Details of the TT2000 came in and I made the plan for that and was set to go.

Then all the plans went to hell. On January 11th I decided to take some farkles for my new bike over to Tauranga so they could be fitted to the new bike when it arrived. I left home at about 6am and was taking it easy and had the cruise control set at 100kph. I hit the Awakino road works perfectly and waited all of one minute before the green light came on.

I was making good time and got to the Kaimai ranges at about 9:20am. I had been going between 60 and 80kph going up the hill and was just getting to the top and was getting ready to turn the cruise control back on. I rounded the corner just before the lookout doing about 90kph and there was a truck across the road turning into the lookout after crossing the double yellow line. I knew I could not stop in time but did my best and think I slowed to about 50-60kph. Aimed for the tire as there was no way I was going under the truck. Can’t remember anything from then until I was in the ambulance. Seems I was knocked out and lay on the road for about a minute, then got up and took my helmet off (really silly thing to do). I then got my phone out and made some calls. As I said I can’t remember this and only going on what the other driver said.

I was taken to Tauranga hospital where they diagnosed me with a broken left wrist in two places, left pinkie finger broken in three places, a broken left little toe, fractures to L1 and L2 spine. Both my shoulders hurt like hell and I had a sore right leg. I had numerous x-rays and a couple of CT scans before they took the neck brace off, cleaned up my finger, and put my left wrist in plaster.

Bruising came out all over the place and some of the best I have ever had. I also had an issue that when I lay down and turned my head I went dizzy. Seems my inner ear got in the act as well and my head needed some manual alignment to get things back into the right tubes. I was really way out but worked.

I stayed 4 days in Tauranga hospital before they flew me back to the naki and the Base hospital. I spent a further 4 days in new Plymouth Base before being released home. After 5 weeks the first cast came off but the surgeon wanted another two weeks so back in it went. This was six days before the TT2000 so I was going to miss the ride with the team.

Seven weeks after the accident I was out of the cast but the surgeon wants me in a brace for the next six weeks at least. This means my planned late ride in March of the TT2000 would also not happen and my non-refundable ferry costs are lost.

Top that all off my new bike still has not arrived and won’t be here until “maybe” second week in March.

The police officer that attended was excellent and stayed in touch with me all the way. The truck driver involved came and saw me in hospital to apologise and also rang me several times. The insurance company paid out fully including my gear that was damaged.

The police officer asked me what I wanted him charged with and gave me some options. Think he was charged with careless driving in the end.

The date is 3rd March 2021 and I am now back at work but can’t use my left hand for anything other lifting a pen. My back will be sore for another 6 to 9 months as it heals. My right leg hurts like hell where the fat/muscle was torn away from the skin and it filled with fluid.

Here is the picture of my bike after the accident.

My R1200RT after colliding with a truck that turned across the road in front of me.
Frame all twisted

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