Light up my world Darla!

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Time to light up my world Darla! Saw a review of some Clearwater lights and decided that they would go nicely on my BMW. BMW’s do have an option for LED lights but the Clearwater ones are far superior. I decided on the 2” Darla and ordered them from Clearwater’s site on the 22nd August 2016. Total cost was US$841.64…. Read more »

A woolly ride – Sheepskin covers

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A woolly ride – Sheepskin covers I have been on a spending spree on Farkles for the bike in the last month. First heated gear, then LED lights and now finally my latest purchase. Sheepskin seat covers. I saw a post on Facebook a while ago on the Distance Riders page with a guy putting sheepskin seat covers on. They… Read more »

Time for a new Cage – Toyota Fortuner

Time for a new cage – Toyota Fortuner  I had my latest car for over 10 years now and that is the longest time I have ever held onto a car. It was a Toyota Highlander and was purchased as a demonstrator model so was significantly cheaper than the full priced version and only had 5,000km on it when I… Read more »

Northern Odyssey 2016 – Part 2

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Northern Odyssey Part 2 The Part the nearly didn’t happen I tried to do the second part of the Northern Odyssey a couple of times but things were conspiring against me not to get it done. The first thing that happened was the doctor changed my pills for my diabetes. Or rather added another one to them. The original pill… Read more »

TT2000 2016 – Day 3 – The Return

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Sunday Leg

Day 3 – TT2000 2016 the home track First thing I did when I got out was to check the rear tire pressure and it was still at 42psi so holding nicely. Front at 38psi. Crisp morning as well. Only one checkpoint to pick up then a dash for the finish. Schedule said 4am start and 10am finish. I woke… Read more »