Day 0 – TT2000 2016 – Getting There

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Day 0 – TT2000 2016 – The Trip Down  Decided to leave home about 5pm and take a slow trip down. It was supposed to be raining but the weather was fine all day but the wind was hell. Getting blown all over the place down the Foxton straights. Topped off with the last cheap fuel in Levin and ambled… Read more »

Day None – TT2000 2016 – The Plan

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Day None – TT2000 2016 – Planning TT2000 time has come around again and for me planning starts very early. This year like others there are 4 mystery locations to find so I started out trying to find these. Mystery #3 was very easy for me to find and it did not take long with google to find the snow… Read more »

New Bike in the Garage – Cross 5 Electric Bike

Electric Bike to keep the BMW company Today I drove up to Thames to pick up my new bike. This one is a Volto Cross 5 Electric Bike. I went up a week okay to try it out and found it very nice so I purchased one. The reason being I like riding a bike but hate those head winds that… Read more »

Happy Holidays to you all

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Happy Holidays to all! Hoping you all have happy holidays. Unfortunately I will be working through most of them so won’t be getting out much. Currently at work at the moment but had an awesome lunch of roast chicken, vegies, roast potatoes, and kumara. Followed that by Pavlova, ice cream, and fruit. Can barely move now. Many thanks to the… Read more »

New Tires – Makes all the difference

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Just over 30,000kms now and while I still have not done the service (that’s next week) I rode to New Plymouth today and got another set of Metzeler Z8’s put on the bike. New Tires always make the bike feel like brand new again and the old set while it still had quite a bit of rubber left on it… Read more »

1KC – Hamilton 7th November 2015

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The 2015 Hamilton 1KC ride – Nice!!!! My last real ride was the NI1600 and I registered with the NZ Distance Riders Club for the 1KC a while ago. My bike is about 1,700km away from its 30K service and my tires have about 3,000km left in them so I have not been out much. I had a rough route mapped… Read more »